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Peter Jackson

Managing Director

Refrigerated Bodies

We have been manufacturing refrigerated bodies at Jackson Coachworks since the 1950’s, making us one of the UK’s leading experts in the field. Our vast heritage in the field means we have experience of nearly everything customers require.

We combine this experience with modern technologies and progressive innovation, and the outcome is the highest quality refrigerated vehicle available in the UK.

All our bodies:

We also offer the highest possible customisation available, and can build just about anything required. For an extensive list of the options available on vehicles, please visit our online vehicle specification & options catalogue.

Two 26T Fridge Trucks for Midlands Co-Op by Jackson Coachworks A sloping roof vehicle for Hunt's Foodservice A 7.5T Fridge Truck for Doble by Jackson Coachworks with an eistechnik system An 18T Fridge Truck for Pukka Pies by Jackson Coachworks A 6T Fridge Truck for Rodda's by Jackson Coachworks A 4.5T Multi Temperature Fridge Truck for Nicol Hughes Foodservice from Jackson Coachworks

Our latest model is the 22 Series Fridge Body, and is available in any size from small 3.5T vehicles up to the largest rigid's.

None of our bodies are ‘off the shelf’, they are built exactly to your requirements. They are available in a large range of specifications, including single compartment, dual compartment/temperature, and multi-compartment set-ups utilising lateral or longitudinal bulkheads to allow you to carry as many different types of product as you require.

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“The way we manufacture our bodies, and the high quality materials we use, means you are buying a body that is built to stand the test of time.

Our customers commonly ask us to swap their body onto a new chassis, increasing the return on the investment significantly.”