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After Sales

At Jackson Coachworks, we know that the journey only really begins when a vehicle leaves our workshop, which is why After Sales care is just as important to us as new builds.

Manufacturing Faults

The very high quality of our bodies means that manufacturing faults are very uncommon, but if they do ever occur, they are covered under our guarantee.

Our rapid response times means we will have the fault rectified very quickly, minimising the time the vehicle is off the road. Where possible, we can also do work at your site, further reducing the inconvenience to you.

Accident Damage

Accidents in commercial vehicles is unfortunately a common occurrence. It is, however, crucial to act swiftly to repair the damage incurred to maintain the integrity of the vehicle.

For example, a damaged body panel may mean that it is susceptible to water ingress. If this is not addressed quickly, then a small area of damage can turn into a sizeable repair if the panel becomes damp.

We offer a comprehensive repair service that includes repairing damaged bodywork, replacing parts, refinishing the bodywork, and renewing any necessary sign-writing/decals.

We are happy to visit your site to assess any damage, so please feel free to contact us now.

Vehicle Refurbishments

Extending a vehicles useable life is a simple and highly effective way of optimising your investment.

We offer full vehicle refurbishments for customers requiring it, with the ability to improve the performance and appearance of nearly every part of the body.

This can include repairing scuffs and scratches, re-finishing the body, renewing sign-writing/decals, and replacing any worn kickplates, rub rails, buffers etc.

With a full refurbishment, the body can leave our workshop looking as good as new.

Body Swaps

Another effective cost-saving measure is a body swap - swapping an existing body onto a new chassis from one that has reached the end of its ‘useable life’.

The high quality of our bodies means they commonly last the life of several chassis’s, and a body swap provides you with an almost new vehicle at a vastly reduced cost.

Combine this with a full refurbishment to the body, and it really is like having a whole new vehicle.

“Having happy customers is of the utmost importance to us, which makes after sales care just as important as the initial build to us.

We know you can’t afford to have your vehicle off the road, so we’ll always do our very best to get it back in operation as soon as possible.”