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Paul Noble

Business Development Manager

Aero Roof Eco Truck

“This particular vehicle is a real world beater.

Combining aerodynamic bodywork with the ultimate in environmentally friendly refrigeration quite possibly makes this the most eco-friendly vehicle available.

A real first and something we’re very proud of.”


The Aero Roof Eco Truck is the ultimate in eco-friendly, aerodynamic refrigerated bodywork, and is claimed to be the most environmentally friendly vehicle available.

It combines several features previously thought not achievable to produce what could be the ultimate radial refrigerated distribution body.

It was traditionally said that sloping roof bodies couldn’t have eutectic refrigeration, but we’ve proved that wrong. Not only does this vehicle have a sloping roof with eutectics, the eutectic system is multi-temperature!

Aero Roof Eco Truck by Jackson Coachworks

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Refrigerated vehicle with a full front sloping roof by Jackson Coachworks

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Separating the two compartments is the Eiswall, a moveable bulkhead - another item that it was always said could not work with eutectics.

The front sloping roof section is aligned with a height optimised wind deflect with side fairings to streamline the vehicle as it moves along. The rear of the body is fitted with vortex generators to reduce drag as air passes over the back of the veheicle.

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Eutectic refrigeration produces no CO emissions or noise pollution in use and the sloping roof and air management improve fuel efficiency and minimize corner damage. The moving bulkhead allows flexibility for multi temperature operations.

Because of their advanced design the Eisbars (Pats pending), our own eutectic beam, require only about ½ the power compared to other systems, to charge down to temperature substantially reducing power costs as well as pollution. Yet the Eisbars provide over 1/3 more refrigeration capacity for frozen applications and nearly double the power for chill use.

In a time when progressively more Authorities ‘score’ their food suppliers for their environmental policies before awarding contracts this unique combination could prove to be a real winner as each set is supplied with its own Environmental Certificate.

For more information on the Aero Roof Eco Truck, don’t hesitate to contact us now.